13 December 2008


BRICK the film embraced many elements commonly found in American noir movies of the '30s and '40s. As we bring BRICK to the stage, the Production Team intends to integrate some of those elements as well.

This play should be dark...hazy...kind of creepy, actually. Characters should materialize out of the darkness at times. In fact, there should be several startles as certain people suddenly appear from the darkness. It is important that the audience feel as though they are observing the play from the shadows...or maybe the Pin's creepy, basement corridor. Remember that scene in the film? When Brendan first visits the Pin? Tug turns on the hallway light and there's like half a dozen thug dudes lining the walls. THAT. That sort of thing needs to happen in our play.

Film noir took a whole lot of look and feel from early German Expressionist cinema. I recommend seeing the BRILLIANT Robert Weine film, THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (1920). It's a terrific movie...and illuminating (irony!) when considering noir's darkness.

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