20 December 2008


David Sims, Heidi Kurtz, and Chris White will be meeting at 1:00 PM on Monday at an undisclosed location to discuss scheduling for the upcoming production.

This is where it gets tricky. Coordinating this ambitious production with both CCES and Mann's crowded school schedules has forced us into a condensed, ten-week rehearsal period...the shortest ever for a Spring Production.

The bad news is that we will have to cram a bit to get all the necessary acting and technical rehearsals in. A whole lot of work done on the fly.

The good news is that we'll be done with the entire production just as Spring Break is beginning. So...we all will be able to truly relax and enjoy a full break from an intensive three months of school and theatre.

I tell people who audition for plays at J.L. Mann that they can expect to spend about 100 hours working on the play. Some spend far more, others may spend fewer hours. Still...if you plan to audition and accept a part in BRICK, you must be willing and able to devote a full measure of life and time to the project.

So think hard before you come out to the Auditions on Monday, January 12 and Tuesday, January 13. The rewards of being in BRICK will last a lifetime, but...the time commitment will be great.

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