19 November 2010

Another Successful Run of BRICK The Play

Great conversation yesterday afternoon with Leslie Price, Artistic Director at the Children's Theatre of Western Springs (IL) and Emily Monteagudo, Director of their recent production of BRICK The Play.

The newly revised version seems to work (starting at the end, retold in flashbacks), though plot clarity is still an issue...as it is in the film.

Apparently, the high school reparatory company at CTWS loved working on BRICK The Play. (Many of the cast members have become fans of 1940's-era film noir...and that, of course, is a really good thing.)

If you saw the production (or were in the production), I'd love to hear your feedback. ALL comments are welcome!

06 November 2010

Chicagoland Premier

BRICK The Play has opened in Western Springs, IL!

I can't wait to see it!